Stopmyasis is a natural insecticide that offers safe protection against flies of the type Lucilla Sericata and Wolhfartia magnifica, responsible for myiasis in ruminants.


• Geraniol

• Eucaliptus Citriadora


Repellent effect to protect the sheep against the egg laid of the flies to avoid the development of the maggots under the skin.

Recommended uses

Myiasis prevention.

Dose and application
10 ml per sheep of 60 kg body weight

5 ml per lamb of 15 kg body weight

The period of application can be adjusted depending on the breeding areas of the sheep and the appearance of injuries due to worms in the bodies of sheep and lambs.
It is important to respect an interval of 5 to 6 weeks between applications to have good infestation control and, if necessary, an additional application can be made with STOPMYASIS.

1L y 2.5 L

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