PHYTOSOLUTIONS, is a company located in Barcelona (Spain) that belongs to the Alivira Animal Health business group, we are specialised in the production of additives for animal nutrition in base of essential oils, plant extracts and organic acids.
We use modern manufacturing processes that allow us to obtain high quality products for all species, from liquid emulsions to be administered through drinking water to powders and encapsulated to add to the feed.
In our laboratory we analyse all the raw materials and finished products in order to offer homogeneous and stable products that meet with the established specifications.
Nutraceutical additives represent a natural and effective alternative to antibiotics growth promoters, with which we intend to improve the digestive efficiency of feed as well as the welfare of animals and contribute to a more sustainable production.

Phytotherapic Solutions S.L.U | P.I. La Borda, Mas Pujades 11-12
08140 Caldes de Montbui I Barcelona, Spain I