PHYTMAX PHYTASE 10 K is a preparation of 6-phytase from E. Coli. The additive is intended to be used in complete feed for poultry (all categories).


Phytase 10000 FTU/ kg



• Decomposition of the antinutritional factors present in the food ingredients, for example, non-starch polysaccharides (PNA's) and phytates.
• Mitigate the harmful effects of PNA's and phytates in intestinal physiology.
• Increase the availability, digestion and absorption of starch, amino acids and minerals. Hydrolysis of PNA's for an effective fermentation - ++ energy / prebiosis.
• Complement the endogenous enzymes in the chicks.


Broilers and layers: 50 g / t of complete feed.
Layers in production: 30 g / t of complete feed

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