A multi-enzyme complex with high levels of xylanase, making it suitable for all rations.

Phytmax Enzyme has enzyme mixtures that help improve the digestibility of vegetable proteins. Glucosidases are able to reduce the released oligosaccharides to their simple forms, a major advantage to young stock.

Cellulases and hemi-cellulases can improve the digestibility of this fraction, increasing the energy value of the ingredients with improvements in animal performance. Phytmax Enzyme can be used with wheat and vegetable by-products such as sunflower, rice bran, copra meal and other high fibre ingredients.

Phytmax Enzyme contains ß-glucanase, together with vital side-activities which help reduce viscosity of gut contents and fully convert ß-glucans into glucose, permitting normal digestion to take place.

Xylanase    22000 BXU/ kg
Beta-glucanase 5700 BU/ kg



Broilers and layers: 500 g / t of feed
Layers in production: 250 g / t of feed

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